What’s this all about?

Welcome to my “Foodie Blog” I hope to update daily with what we’re eating and whether or not it was a success.  I’ve been digging for new recipes to mix in with our tried and true favorites.  And we’re forever spotting something we should “try making”.  Sometimes the results are a great success.  Other times, it’s a kitchen nightmare.  But we always have fun.  And we always learn something.

The other thing we do is try any restaurant that sounds unique and/or interesting.  We just love trying new things, new food, new places.  Convinced that there’s always someone out there who does it better.  And in some cases, simply missing that place (that does it better) from back home, now that we’ve been transplanted to Texas.

I hope you enjoy the journey this blog takes me on.  We eat every day.  Hopefully that means I will write every day.  Whether it’s homemade or take out, I hope to share our experiences and lessons with anyone who’s interested in the good, the bad, and the tasty.

How will this all work?  Simple, really.  Every day we eat various foods, try new recipes, cook old favorites, dine out at various restaurants.  And each day I hope to leave you with our impression.  Whether the meal was satisfying, exceptional, terrible, or a complete waste of mastication.

Where home cooking is concerned, I’ll do my best to include a recipe and any adjustments, omissions, or tweaks we may have made or felt should have been made.