Black Meg – YUM

Was majorly tempted to get lunch out.  I just couldn’t think of something in the house I felt like cooking.  So I went t one of my favorite local spots BLACK MEG.
If you’re still getting your fast food burgers at Wendy’s or Burger King, you’re really doing yourself a disservice.  Black Meg serves up real beef burgers made in house and they are YUM!  The fries might just be even better than the burgers!  Imagine a Lawry’s seasoning but with a ton of garlic added in and you have the beginnings of their delicious seasoned fries.  They offer other variations like their Garlic&Parmasean, Cheesy Bacon, and Cheesy Cheese.  Pair that with offerings like the Avocado burger or the Cowboy (topped with TWO onion rings) and you’ve got a recipe for an amazing meal (or a heart attack).  One final thing in case I haven’t sold you on trying this spot yet…The cheeseburger combo (burger, fries, drink) is only $5 even!  Try getting that price for this amount of food at Mc D’s!
If you have a furry member of the family, it gets even better!  Take your little one through the drive through and ask for a “dog treat”.  It’s not uncommon for a restaurant or bank to have cheap dog biscuits in their drive through.  But Black Meg puts them all to shame!  Each pup gets their very own hot dog wrapped in a slice of American Cheese.  And let me tell you it MUST be tasty cause our pup goes nuts every time we go!  If we do take out, she sits in the car, grinning ear to ear cause she knows what’s coming.  And then once we get home, she immediately runs to the door to get let in (most other times, we have to sniff around the yard first and make sure no one’s claimed our property).

Locations: one on Rancier in Killeen and one on 190 in Cove.