Today’s attempt

Today was boring.  (and unhealthy) I literally had velveeta mac n cheese for breakfast.  Lunch was Black Meg (again) cause hubby heard I had it yesterday and that made it a bee in his bonnet.  Can’t blame him.  It really is one of those places where you’ve just gotta have it once someone mentions it.  lol

I did make a new recipe which I’m calling “quickie apple crumble”.  I’ll post it tomorrow.  All you need is apples, graham crackers, butter, cinnamon, and sugar.  They’re YUMMMM!

But the BIG deal, the one you should REALLY tune in for is our Ribs tomorrow.  We’re cooking up BBQ ribs and chicken (same recipe for both, pretty much).  And if hubby OKs it, I’ll share our super secret recipe…well, as much as I CAN share.  So much if it is just measured by eyeballing or taste testing.

Warning, these are Yankee style ribs.  I couldn’t say if it’s memphis or KC or carolina BBQ.  But I know for certain it is NOT texas BBQ.  And we have yet to hear a single complaint, I can say that much.  The last time we cooked this at a party, one wife ate 3 pieces of chicken then demanded everyone finish them up cause she couldn’t stop herself even though she was full.  lol!  So stay tuned!  Good things coming your way!