So far this week…

Added new recipes: Sweet Potatoes, Apple Crumble, Crusty Artisan Bread.  Mentioned my throw together meal of “Beef and Taters”.

Posted some pictures and updates of the Crusty Artisan bread.  I have some pictures of the sweet potatoes that can/will be added when I get the time.

A quickie review of our trip out to El Dorado can be found in “This Week“.  If you’re struggling to find good Mexican in Killeen, you need to be driving to Temple.

Oh!  and I posted pictures of our Garlic and Herb mix that you’ll hear me refer to a lot.  it’s in Recipes at the top or side menu.  Great seasoning to have just lying around.

Still to come….

  • Photos of Sweet Potatoes
  • Shot of finished Cranberry/Orange bread
  • Full Review of El Dorado
  • Recipe for Hawaiian Chicken
  • A swift kick in the pants for starting my own blog (what was I thinking?!?!)

And don’t forget there’s a Twitter Page as well (if you’re into that).