Yesterday’s Lasagna and Tonight’s Dinner plan

Sunday was a little crazy.  But when we got home, hubby mentioned maybe having some lasagna.  And it sounded brilliant!  So we made lasagna from “scratch”.  After a long day, I wasn’t really up for making the pasta and tomato sauce from scratch (like I normally do) so we use pre-made noodles and marinara sauce.  It still came out pretty good, though.  Lasagna isn’t complicated so I’m not going to make a recipe page for it.  Just brown equal parts beef and sausage (I use breakfast sausage like Tennessee Pride or Jimmy Dean.  Toss some tomato sauce on it and mix it all together.  Boil the noodles till desired doneness (you want them a LITTLE undercooked so they don’t overcook in the oven or fall apart while you try to make your layers.  Put a little sauce on the bottom just to keep the noodles from sliding apart.  Then alternate cheese mix (I mix ricotta, kraft italian cheese mix, salt, and a little bit of Garlic&Herb) and meat putting noodles between each layer.  For the middle layer, I like to put slices or chunks of “real Mozzarella” as we call it (the stuff that comes from the “expensive cheese” section of a grocery store (as in not the shredded kind you get in bags).  If you can find a place that makes their Mozz in house, you’re in for a real treat!  Finish your layering and top with shredded Mozzarella then any left over fresh Mozz if you have any left.  Toss it in the oven to melt down the cheases and let everything come together.  You’re just looking for the right consistency on the topping.  If you like a Lasagna a little more cooked with crispy cheese on top, cook it longer.  If you’re like me and just like cheese melted but not cooked till hard, leave it in for a shorter amount of time.  I typically start at 20 minutes and check it every five minutes after that.  For me, “done” is when the edges just barely begin to brown (hubby eats the brown parts, I get the gooey stuff in the middle.  lol

Tonight, I think I’m going to surprise hubby with some Cincinnati Chili we brought home when we went for a visit in August.  I bought it in a can.  So far, the only thing I can find in TX is up in Dallas (because they have Kroger which is an Ohio company).  They had Skyline Chili (which you can look up and buy online if you like).  Which is the most famous Cincinnati Chili.  But the BEST Cincinnati Chili comes from a place called Gold Star.  You can buy it in Cincinnati and other parts of Ohio.  But out of state you can only find Skyline.  Skyline is a totally acceptable substitute if you’re in a pinch.
So, for coneys, I’m just going to boil some hotdogs (the ONLY thing I’ll boil hot dogs for.  Otherwise they’re cooked of panfried or something).  Top with mustard, heated chili, and thinly shredded cheddar cheese.  Serve with fries and enjoy!