Thanksgiving quick shots

Here are some shots from our wonderful thanksgiving.  I hope to post recipes soon.  But most certainly I’ll post them before next year for anyone who wants to give it a try!

As you can see I added the marshmallows and graham crackers to the sweet potatoes (not in the recipe posted on here) cause its thanksgiving and nobody is crazy enough to count calories today!

The turkey was injected with butter.  The dark spot you see isn’t burnt, it’s just the herbed butter that I stuff under the skin before cooking.  It leaves a weird looking dark patch.  But my my does it make a fantastic turkey!

Stuffing was cooked in the bird (cause that’s how I was raised).  But hubby always has me make extra and that’ll be cooked on the side for leftovers.

Hubby also made TWO pies!  Peach and Apple (cause I can’t stand pumpkin or sweet potato or pecan… it’s a texture thing.  lol).  They were both yummy yummy!  I can’t wait till we have room to eat more!

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