Monthly Archive: December, 2012

It’s Megg’s, not Meg’s

by   Megg’s Cafe…  To those of us who’ve followed Family Guy, a place a sounding so much like the show’s punching bag may give pause. To no purpose, Megg’s is one of… Continue reading

I’m sure you’re probably tired of it by now but I don’t care…


MORE COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! Made some of the Red Velvet Gooey Butter—They are OMG yummy!  And some Peanut Butter Kisses (cause who doesn’t like those?!) The Peanut Butter Kisses are just dyed to be red… Continue reading

Added Today:


Added some cookie recipes if anyone’s still looking to finish up a few cookie swaps.  Check out the cookie page here.  And you can see pictures here and here. Various types like Mint… Continue reading

More Xmas Cookies!


We’ve been going crazy over here with the cookies.  Here are some more shots of our latest work 🙂

Some of our Xmas Cookies


Here’s a quick photoshoot of some of the cookies we’ve made and decorated so far.  They are Butter, White Gingerbread, and Chocolate.  White Gingerbread is posted already.  I hope to get the other… Continue reading

“White” Gingerbread Cookies


Sometimes, you just want your cookies to be bright so they can be decorated easier, right?  But Gingerbread tastes great and is always a crowd pleaser.  So what do you do?  Try this… Continue reading

Gimme a hand with cookies!


Hubby and I are going to be sending some cookies off to various family members.  If anyone has a favorite holiday cookie, please share!  So far, we’ve decided to do a basic sugar… Continue reading

Make Your Own Pizza Night!


So, we did a test two nights ago and the Crusty Artisan Bread makes for a GREAT pizza dough with just a few minor adjustments. Take the basic recipe: 3 cups unbleached all… Continue reading