It’s Megg’s, not Meg’s


Megg’s Cafe…  To those of us who’ve followed Family Guy, a place a sounding so much like the show’s punching bag may give pause.

To no purpose, Megg’s is one of the best little cafe’s I’ve been to in a very long time, if not one of the best restaurants period.  It’s got a very nice vibe and decor…  I did note the art on the walls seems to have been custom made, including a quite nice tryptic of orange juice being squeezed into a glass.  With that kind of detail, you know the place is classy.  Kidding aside, top notch interior, and the wife and I enjoyed the trivial pursuit cards stuffed into the sugar dish, a nice way to pass time while waiting (not long) for your food.

Now food…  the menu is on the website, and the food I saw and tasted was both attractive to the eye, and attractive to the palate.  I saw Short Rib Hash with house made pastrami, and could not even be tempted away with Crab Cake Benedict, which even now I wish I had tried.  Not that the Hash wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but because, come on, it’s Crab Cake Benedict.  Who wouldn’t be tempted to try that?  Well, Megg’s has a menu that I believe would tempt anyone.  As I said, Short Rib Hash called my name and I answered, to my benefit.  Excellent meat, fried with potatoes, onions, and house made sauerkraut, and topped with two sunnyside up eggs.  Choice of toast actually threw me off for a moment, as they have their in-house bakery and offer nine different options. (non baker geeks feel free to skip to sentence starting with wifey)   Our waiter started listing them, and when he mentioned a sourdough, I thought that would be a good idea.  I stopped him and requested it, to which he replied that I shouldn’t expect it to be too sour, because it’s a very young culture, only about a year and a half old, and local.  (most sourdoughs try to replicate a westcoast culture, some of which are over a century old)  Our waiter didn’t lie, it was a very mild sourdough, but absolutely delicious.  Wifey got the (Three)dom of Choice, which was just good.  Good eggs, the potatoes were great, ham was tasty, and she added blueberries to the pancakes, which came out very fluffy and cakey, but didn’t really stand out from the rest of the breakfast.  We got a baker’s basket to share, and the waiter recommended an excellent house bread with milk and honey in it that was amazing.  Tasted just like my mom’s homemade loafs, and made my day.  We got a cinnamon roll that was a bit heavy on the egg, and the cinnamon-rasin Brioche was a little dry, but still quite good.  We saw one of the breakfast sandwiches go by (I am that guy in the restaurant that will eye-eat your food) and it looked just delightful.  Overall, based on our meal today, we are planning on going back in a week, and I would try anything on the menu based on the overall quality of our meal today.

Service was good, in fact better than average.  Our server knew a great deal about the menu, and impressed me with his knowledge of the sourdough they served.  He also seemed to genuinely enjoy the food he served, and I can’t blame him.  Our order was taken fairly quickly (we were there for sunday brunch and it was busy) and drinks were fairly quickly refilled, the only time we waited was when a large party came in and the table next to us was checking out.  Other servers were engaged, attentive, and friendly from what we saw.

Megg’s is one of those places that has just figured it out.  Good food, very reasonable prices.  I know there are places where restaurants serve similar quality food at much higher prices, or lower quality food at the same price.  Quite possibly my new favorite restaurant within a 20 mile radius.  I cannot wait to try more food, and explore the baked goods as well.


P.S.-Just to be clear, there is generally a large difference between someone who can cook and someone who can bake.  Megg’s has both of these culinary tasks covered, and expertly so.