Newest addition to the kitchen…

So, I’ve been keeping my eye out for containers to keep my sugar and flour in.  Well, it’s kind of been an obsession over the last few months.  Everything I like is waaaaay more than anyone should spend to store such cheap ingredients.  But everything that was cheap seemed impractical (too small or a bad shape).  I mean why do so many companies try to pass off cylinders with narrow openings for these things?  We need to be able to get a measuring cup in and out with ease right?  And why do so many have a narrow neck too (so it hits the edge and bounces off all over your counter)?

So I got these.  I spotted them in Target and decided they were perfect.  Each of them holds well over five lbs or flour or sugar (standard size in the grocery store).  So when you get low, you don’t have to use up that last cup just to get the new package to fit in.  And when I wanna scoop out a cup of something, I’m not trying to turn this thing eight different ways to get the contents to fall into my measuring cup.  I just reach in and scoop!  Plus the tops are totally removable (some I saw weren’t).  So I use the lid as my leveler if I don’t have a knife handy.  They’re no wider than any other canisters I saw.  And instead of sitting them all side by side, I can stack them 3 high and still have clearance between them and my cabinets.

If you’re looking for a cheap solution to scooping out of the bag, hit target and buy these things.  They were 2.99 each!  WHERE are you gonna find a cheaper set of kitchen storage containers?!