El Dorado-Mexican (YUM)

El Dorado (in Temple, TX).  So far, it’s the best Mexican spot in the area (that we could find).  And we happily drive out there quite often to load up on some yummy foods.  I did what I like to call a “Taco Study”.  Which is just ordering a bunch of different tacos (they have about 8 different kinds).  Hubby got the Shrimp Rancheros.  His only complaint was that they use Gulf Shrimp which neither of us cares for in the least.  And he also got a Gordita.  He ALWAYS gets one.  It’s served between two of the thickest homemade flour tortillas I’ve ever seen.  He can’t get enough!

If you’re still searching for good Mexican in Killeen and still not feeling like you’ve found “the spot” pop out to Temple some time and give this place a try!  The service has always been great.  They’re helpful if you don’t understand something on the menu or wanna know what that weird ingredient is in your meal.  Everything is seasoned, marinated, cooked perfectly.  Layers of flavor just burst in your mouth!  For the moment, this is the only place in the immediate area where I will get Mexican.  It’s worth giving a try if you haven’t already.

A picture of the pork taco doused in cilantro and uncooked onions (two things I don’t really care for but LOVE at this place!)

715 S 1st St

Temple, TX 76504