Gyro Nook – Gyros (YUM)

Gyros from Gyro Nook.  I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while (I just can’t resist a good gyro) but it was forever stuck in the “Coming Soon” phase.  And eventually I forgot because I’m NEVER in that part of town!  So friday, after a whole lot of “wanna eat here?/no…too this/wanna eat here/no….too that/”  and on and on till Hubby felt like squeezing my neck till my head popped off, this place suddenly popped into my head for no apparent reason.  Well, I’m glad it did!  The meat was fresh shaved off a spit (first spit I’ve seen in this town).  The Tzatziki Sauce was KILLER.  Nice and fresh, thick instead of runny.  The cool cucumber played fantastically against the hot fresh meat right off the spit.  I ordered mine (traditional lamb) with no onions (cause I just don’t like raw onions).  The shredded cheese was an unexpected touch.  But the traditionalist in me didn’t mind.  It worked well with their set up.  I was also surprised to see them using pocket pitas instead of the traditional thick “greek” style pita.  But that, too, worked out alright.  They claim to be Hungarian based instead of Greek.  So that may explain the differences.

The fries were tasty and hot out of the oil.  Lightly salted and seasoned.  A perfect compliment to the delicious sandwiches.  Hubby tried “The Villager” which was chicken and roast pork.  It was delicious.  I wouldn’t necessarily order it myself.  But I would TOTALLY get a chicken Gyro (something I have only ever found ONE restaurant that I like them at…till now).  And I think it’d be great to grab their pork and toss some BBQ on it for a quickie pulled pork sandwich.  If you’re in Killeen and haven’t given this place a shot (provided you like gyros or would want to give them a shot, obviously) try Gyro Nook.  It’s worth the time/energy/money.  I wasn’t feeling so hot so I only ate half my sandwich.  Hubby happily gobbled his down then ate a sizeable chunk of what I had left.  lol.  A sure sign that we’ll be back to the Nook for another round.

One more little perk (that I hope to note at places when we eat out) the do use filtered water in their soda fountain.  Some places in town I can really taste the “killeen water” and I avoid getting drinks (we take it to go and buy drinks on the way home or use whatever we have in the house).  So I will try to make a point of mentioning if a place filters their water or not… there’s nothing like taking a big sip of cold soda on a hot day and realizing it tastes like sweat socks!  YUCK!`
Oh!  and if you go in uniform, it’s 10% off 🙂

-Gyro Nook 921 W Veterans Memorial Blvd Killeen, TX 76541