This Week

This page should be a constant update on what we’re eating This Week (that was a total plot twist, right?!)

Sunday  Did a Taco Salad.  Turned our cupcake pan upside down and stuffed some tortillas into the negative spaces to make “bowls”.  Layered lettuce, avocado, tomato, meat, cheese, sour cream.  YUMMMMMMMMMMM!  A side of broccoli.  Topped it off.

Monday Made a “baked fried chicken”.  It was so so.  I’ve had better, certainly had worse.  It was supposed to taste like KFC.  Certainly didn’t.  But it wasn’t bad, either.  Recipe to come.  Look for a hyperlink in the name.  Served it with some roasted brussel sprouts.  Did it up the same way I cook my broccoli.  I’ll have to share that recipe as well.

Tuesday Nothing special.  We had Chipotle for lunch and cold cut sandwiches for dinner.  I needed a night off from the kitchen.  It’s a mess (neither the time nor energy to clean while taking care of hubby).

Yep.  Ended up ordering a pizza for the night.  I was just too sick and tired to deal with cooking.