October 21-27 2012

This page should be a constant update on what we’re eating This Week (that was a total plot twist, right?!)

Sunday As we tend to on the weekends, we picked around the house for lunch.  Breakfast was mini german pancakes (recipe to come).  They were yummy and super easy!  I just have to figure out how to get mine to look like the pretty picture I found online.  lol!

For dinner, we went out to El Dorado.  Odd for us since we JUST had it.  But a Facebook friend mentioned wanting a “Real Taco” and that started me raving about El Dorado then I couldn’t get it out of my head!  Soon as I told hubby he was like “oh, we are SO GOING!”  hahahah!  I decided to try the Chimichanga Plate (only like 6.95!).  And hubby got a Chile Relleno.  Everything was delicious!  We’re never disappointed there.  I will say we both concluded it wasn’t our favorite meal there.  But we also both agreed our “least favorite” from El Dorado beat out our favorite from any of the current Killeen Mexican restaurants we’ve frequented.

Monday  Today was met with another trip to El Dorado.  1) because it’s so damn yummy, and 2) because it was 99¢ Margarita night.  MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!  I dined on a fantastic mixed fajita plate (chicken, shrimp, beef) and hubby sank his teeth into a divine plate of “Enchiladas Rancheros” (chicken).  And, of course, one of his Gorditas.  lol.  All was much enjoyed and just as good as it always is.  Service left a lot to be desired.  We had a waitress we hadn’t had before and she was incredibly inattentive even as I TRIED to flag her down for more drinks and tortillas for about 15 minutes.  But one of the guys (who has served us before) did stop by to see if we needed anything and took care of it for us.

Enchiladas Rancheros

Marinated Pork Gordita

El Dorado Fajitas

Tuesday Hubby wanted “Beef and Taters” but I wanted to do something a little fancier… Meatloaf.  Got it started and then got kinda sick (nothing new for me).  So he had to finish up what I had started (poor thing).  I typically TRY not to put him to work too much after he gets home cause he’s been at work all day already.  But last night he volunteered and I wasn’t in a position to turn down his help.  The meatloaf came out pretty darn good.  I should have tossed in a little more salt or terriyaki sauce.  But the taste was there.  I’ll do my best to share a recipe for it.  But it’s such a garbage plate kind of meal.  I never measure anything that goes into it.

Wednesday Having some Sausage for breakfast… I think I’ll eat some oatmeal with it.  Tip… BAKE your sausage links.  I know, weird, right?  Actually it’s much easier than cooking them in a pan (for me).  I’ve never been good at getting them to simmer in the right amount of water to cook all the way through then brown by the time they’re ready to be served.  I either ended up with overcooked sausage still sitting in water.  Or undercooked nearly burnt sausage cause I ran out of water too early.  Don’t have that problem anymore!  Preheat to 350, toss in your sausage for 12-18 minutes and voila!  yummy perfectly cooked sausage!

Dinner was Jamacian Not-Very-Nice Chicken followed by fruit tarts for dinner….mmmmmmmmmmm!

Thursday  Worked on tarts again.  Still not quite right (which is a shame cause I have to eat my mistakes…woe is me!)  Lunch was left over meatloaf.  For dinner, I made some crockpot burbon chicken… I’m torn on sharing the recipe because I found it rather lackluster.  And I think it was incredibly similar to both Hawaiian chicken and Honey Garlic chicken.  So it’s a bit redundant

Friday  I don’t even wanna say this cause it sounds so crazy… but we’re going BACK to El Dorado tonight.  Friends of ours wanna give it a try so we’re going to double.  So yes, THREE times this week we’re going to El Dorado.  And I have no complaints except that I’m feeling “off” today and not really in the mood for going out with company.

Saturday Spent the day working on BBQ.  Got some new photos and video up.  Check it out here!