October 28-November 3


Sunday  Usually, as you may have noticed, we do a fairly fancy or big breakfast on Sundays.  But hubby wanted to sleep in (after playing a LOT of xbox) so I made some banana wontons.  Same as a banana eggroll you’d get at a chinese or japanese joint for dessert.  It’s one of those things I love and hubby just doesn’t get.  So I made them while he was sleeping in.  Hit the spot just as I had hoped and let me get through some of those bananas from bountiful baskets that we haven’t tackled yet.  They’re super easy to make.  Just buy some wonton or eggroll wrappers, slice (for eggroll) or dice (for wontons) some banana and stuff it in there.  Use water to seal the edges and fry those bad boys up.  Hubby tells me it’s an “acquired taste”.  I think it’s delicious!

Lunch was some frozen chinese from the supermarket.  Dinner we just dressed up some baked potatoes.  Nothing special at all.

Monday Was feeling a little under the weather so even though we’re running low and just days away from payday, we decided to grab some pad thai from one of the local joints (Thai Orchid).  It was delicious as always.  And really hit the spot with this cold front we’re fighting.  Nothing better than fresh, hot noodles when everything feels cold!

Tuesday Still under the weather today 😦  Not sure what’s going on.  Maybe it’s just the cold.  Or it could be my new meds *grumble*.  I haven’t figured out what we’re having for dinner yet but I should probably figure that out soon considering NOTHING is defrosted.  lol

Yep.  Ended up ordering a pizza for the night.  I was just too sick and tired to deal with cooking.

Wednesday Yay for payday!  Hopped over to the store and loaded up on some basics and a few things that my coupons were going to expire on.  Tonight or tomorrow, hubby and I are going to put together some one pot meals to freeze.  I’ll get those recipes up as soon as I decide what we’re putting together.  Tonight we’ll just be assembling the chicken ones.  But I also have a skirt steak that needs to marinade then get tossed in the freezer for another night when I’m feeling blah.

Hubby is having surgery on his ACL on Friday.  So I’m trying to get some “easy meals” put together so I can focus more on taking care of him than cooking next week.  I’ve even looked up some crockpot breakfasts to give a try!  Most of next week will either be crock pot or dump meals (one pot meals) to help my sanity while he’s in his needy phase of recovery. lol

So, dinner was cube steaks.  I’ll post the recipe asap.  Nothing special.  Just salt and pepper, dredge them in flour, pan fry, then make a gravy.

Thursday  GREAT night out at Estância Churrascaria down in Austin.  It was only our second time at a Brazilian Restaurant.  But it was another fantastic experience!  If you’ve never had Brazilian style dining, look it up some time.  Everything is all you can eat.  The “Salad Bar” is stocked with amazing antipasto options.  Then the real joy comes…ENDLESS meats.  Bacon covered beef (including filet minion), pork, chicken, lamb… everything is skewered and cooked over an open flame.  Then the servers walk their spear of meat around the restaurant and cut off a chunk of meat fresh off the spit for you to devour.  If you are a meat lover, there’s no better place to dine out.  And the best part of all of this was that it turned out to be their anniversary.  So we got TWO gift cards for a complimentary meal.  How lucky is that?!  I need to note on my calendar to be sure to go back on the same date next year.  lol!

Friday  The love of my life had surgery on his knee.  So “dinner” was a like 4pm stop at Black Meg’s and then munching on snacks and whatnot for the rest of the night.

Saturday  Ran to pick up our Bountiful Basket and was PSYCHED to see we got brussel sprouts again…one of our favorite veggies.  And also got broccoli…another favorite 😀  So dinner was meatloaf and we topped it off with some mashed potatoes and steamed brussel sprouts.  mmmmmmmm.