October 7-13 2012

This page should be a constant update on what we’re eating This Week (that was a total plot twist, right?!)

Monday was a bit of a scramble.  Hubby was off for Columbus day so most of the day was spent in front of his brand new Xbox and 73 inch TV.  lol.  Mostly snacks and some thrown together tilapia for dinner.  I did make some yummy Apple Crumbles for a snack.  Mmmmmmm!

Tuesday, I spent most of my day cleaning.  But I did get up nice and early to try my hand at Crusty Bread.  It came out GREAT!  So good, in face that we’ve spent the rest of the week making different variations.  But after playing with the bread and working on my mess of a kitchen, I wasn’t much in the mood for a fancy dinner.  So I made one of my fallback meals.  It’s going to sound kinda gross.  But hubby just LOVES it.  I don’t make it often cause it just seems so blah.  But every time I do he lights up.  I think it harkens back to our poor college days when this was a staple for us.  lol.  Beef and Taters is what we call it.  Literally just ground beef, browned in a pan with some gravy mix tossed in right before serving (add water if needed.  You’re looking for a chunky gravy sort of result).  This is served over mashed potatoes.  I TRY to at least serve this over REAL potatoes so there’s some kind of nutritional value to it.  lol.  But I won’t say it’s never been dumped over a pile of instant potatoes.  hee hee!

Wednesday I worked hard on a Cheddar and Garlic (not my fave but hubby loved it) and Cranberry/Orange crusty bread.  MMMMM!  For dinner, I made Hawaiian Chicken sourced from this website.  It was pretty good.  I’ll post the recipe soon as I can.  My only advice at the moment is to use pineapple tidbits or crushed pineapple.  The chunks were a bit too big and absorbed too much salt and vinegar to be eaten whole.  I’d also probably reduce the vinegar to about half what the recipe calls for.  It was pretty strong.

Thursday I had some amazing Cranberry/Orange bread for breakfast (and snacked on it pretty much throughout the day. lol).  For dinner, we went out to one of our favorite spots:  El Dorado (in Temple, TX).  So far, it’s the best Mexican spot in the area (that we could find).  And we happily drive out there quite often to load up on some yummy foods.  I did what I like to call a “Taco Study”.  Which is just ordering a bunch of different tacos (they have about 8 different kinds).  Hubby got the Shrimp Rancheros.  His only complaint was that they use Gulf Shrimp which neither of us care for in the least.  And he also got a Gordita (or maybe it was a chalupa…I’ll have to ask).  He ALWAYS gets one.  It’s served between two of the thickest homemade flour tortillas I’ve ever seen.  He can’t get enough!

And that brings us to today, Friday.  Payday.  YAY!  lol.  Not sure what the plan is yet.  IF hubby can get off early (his SGT is going to try to get him out early) we’re going to the TX state fair to eat our way through the midway.  lol.  If he can’t get off early, we’ll probably do something fast and easy.  Then spend tomorrow at the Fair eating ourselves stupid.

Friday, continued… So, we made it to the fair to try all this so called ‘amazing fried food”.  I couldn’t wait!  Anything you can imagine, fried up and served in a paper boat for you to slowly add to the pile of cholesterol already clogging up your arteries.  So we piled into the car and promptly hopped on 35N to sit in traffic.  And sit.  And sit.  Debating the whole time if we should just turn around and go the next day.  Finally, reaching the point of no return, we committed to just going no matter how late we got there.  How long could it take us to eat our way through the state fair, anyhow?!

All this planning, driving, and debating culminated in our arrival in Dallas around 7pm.  Pushing our way through crowds of rowdy, self-involved teenagers, we hunted down this year’s Winner “Fried Jambalaya” the few people in front of us who got a serving said it was “alright” and the portion was so small (for the cost) that we opted for another offering on the menu that was on our must try list…Fried Butter…sure to be a complete and total winner or the most disgusting thing to ever have invaded our mouths.  Surprisingly enough, it was good.  The batter kept the butter completely surrounded so the resulting effect was a dough ball that burst apart when punctured flooding your plate or mouth with warm, fresh butter.

Next came a Corny Dog.  That’s right.  C O R N Y not C O R N.  A TX State Fair staple.  Supposedly the best corn dog a (wo)man can get.  I was not impressed.  The breading was really mealy.  The hotdog tasted like it was turkey based (I’m a firm believer they should be Beef based… Pork if you must).  So on we marched determined that if we tried enough foods we would find the one that amazed us.  Fried Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, Fried Cherry pie, Fried Pulled Pork Pie, Deep Fried Cookie Dough, and marveled at many others we didn’t have the stomach or money for: Deep fried margarita, deep fried coke, fried frito pie, deep fried ribs (which we’ve had but worried the “fair” version wouldn’t be as good as the restaurant version we enjoyed back in Cincinnati, Oh) on the list went.  We ended our evening with Fried Oreos which were interesting but not as good as one might expect.

Saturday was primarily spent around the house.  I spent my morning searching high and low for some farm fresh eggs… with no luck.  So I had to resort to using normal store bought eggs to make Bacon Bites for breakfast.  Hubby was THRILLED, as usual.  Since he spent most of the day in front of the xbox, lunch was a sort of grazing snack kind of situation.  For dinner, hubby grilled two Tbones we got from a butcher shop out in Belton (we weren’t impressed).  And had them with a yummy new potato recipe I’ll be sharing today.